Project Zero Sydney Network presents a free conference for K-12 Educators . . .

Learning And Teaching for Understanding

With our very special guest from Project Zero, Harvard University . . .

Tina Blythe

Sunday 19th May - At Masada College

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Tina Blythe

Tina Blythe is a Project Director at Project Zero and author of:

The Teaching for Understanding Guide
Facilitating for Learning: A Guide for Teacher Groups of All Kinds
Looking Together at Student Work, 3rd Ed.
The Facilitator's Book of Questions
Teaching as Inquiry

Tina has been a researcher at Project Zero for nearly 30 years. She is part of Project Zero’s online learning leadership team and is the education chair of the Project Zero Classroom summer institute. She is also a Lecturer on Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Central to her research and teaching are how to create and sustain learning environments that support understanding. Collaborative inquiry and the collaborative assessment of student and teacher work are key focuses of her work. She began her career as a middle and high school teacher, and she leads workshops and provides consultation for organizations and schools around the world. She is the author and co-author of a number of books and articles include Looking Together at Student Work, 3rd Ed. (Blythe, Allen, & Powell; Teachers College, 2015); Facilitating for Learning (Allen & Blythe; Teachers College, 2015); and The Facilitator's Book of Questions (Allen & Blythe; Teachers College, 2004). She is the lead author of The Teaching for Understanding Guide (Jossey-Bass, 1998), which has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, Swedish, and Georgian.

This free Professional Learning Opportunity will feature Tina Blythe as its keynote speaker, along with a wide variety of small group sessions facilitated by practising educators inspired by Project Zero ideas from Harvard Graduate School of Education. We will:

  • Explore the nature of understanding and why it should be a central goal of contemporary education

  • Consider what we should teach to foster understanding and how to prioritise the content that is most important for students to understand

  • Learn to design learnng expereinces that foster true understanding

  • Participate in a reflective professional learning community

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Sunday 19th May 2019
Masada College,
St Ives, Sydney, 2075

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