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2018 Schedule of Events

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Participatory Creativity: Expanding our Understanding of Invention and Innovation
with Edward Clapp
Project Zero Sydney Network presents:
Participatory Creativity Keynote Presentation with Edward Clapp
Sadly, this event has been cancelled - we are exploring alternative and hope to reschedule. 





Join with PZ Sydney Network as we celebrate the 50th Birthday of Project Zero

Project Zero is hosting a live online event to share and reflect on fifty years of ground-breaking research. In this you will hear from Drew Gilpin Faust, Steven Seidel, Shari Tishman, Daniel Wilson, James Ryan, Howard Gardner and David Perkins. It will be an opportunity to learn key insights from 50 years of PZ’s work and the implications for schools today and in the future.There will be moments during the forum in which all participants, both at the event and via livestream, will be invited to discuss the ideas presented.

Full details of this live event and the link to view online can be found at:

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"This is a fantastic opportunity to explore and reflect on how our perceptions of how our minds work have changed over the past fifty years,” said Daniel Wilson, Director of Project Zero. "The role of education in today’s complex world requires us to take stock in what we know about the human mind and consider how to best cultivate citizens of tomorrow. We look forward to sharing views on major insights, and discussing implications for educators from current luminary thinkers in our field.”  - Daniel Wilson